Data & AI/ML Service

Churn Your Content to Extract the Value & Boost Monetization

Across Media industries, organizations are looking for ways to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning. Skandha specializes in helping you automate and innovate, leveraging proven cloud frameworks to jumpstart your projects. We rely on our deep expertise from data engineering to data science to help you gain unprecedented intelligence from your data.

Skandha’s Cloud AI solutions enables digital transformation for Media & Entertainment companies across the content creation to consumption value chain for both Live and On Demand.

For customers such as studios, networks, broadcasters and sports organizations, we enable automation and simplification of content accessibility, searchability, distribution and analysis. Through our solution customers can discover content in whole new ways, drive operational efficiencies and generate new revenue streams.

Enrich Metadata for Easy Discovery

Skandha’s AI/ML practice enables the use of best-of-functionalities from multi-cloud AI Platforms (e.g. AWS Rekognition, Azure Indexer, Google AI-Platform) to automatically enrich the video, audio, and still images with cognitive metadata.

The cognitive engine’s produce descriptive metadata (search by actor’s name, company logo, objects, emotions and much more) that can be easily added into the MAM/DAM of your choice, allowing for innumerable ways to generate incremental value.

Bring Your Archive to Life

As a rights holder, you can expand your revenue streams from your content by supplying creatives & advance data, including key moments, emotions & etc with iconic and historic moments which simply can’t be available or extracted via external generic stock footage site.

Advertising or Product Placement Tracking

Provide ad performance, efficacy or product placement verification for your customers through intelligent reporting, which identifies logos, objects, faces, mentions and more in your broadcasts in near-real time.

Content Complince

With content being globally distributed, the solution could be deployed to enable creation of compliance data & re-creation of content based on specific regional or network requirement prior to distribution.

Custom End-TO-End AI Solutions

Build custom & intelligent solutions on top of various cloud & Skandha custom AI/ML platforms to meet your organization’s specific automation & evolving business objectives. Through our strategy to “Democratize AI” & “Practical AI” approach of Skandha, we would engage with respective user groups at M&E customers to go through the ideation, planning and deployment for respective AI solutions to solve the business need.

AI and automation are at the forefront of digital disruption for enterprises. All businesses are looking to harness the power of smart automation platforms. Emerging technologies like AI / ML and process re-calibration techniques complemented by deep engineering skills helps in ensuring the increase of velocity of software development without compromising on quality in a cost-efficient manner.

We at Skandha offer a MediaTech incubation & co-innovation led approach to Intelligent Automation to build capabilities for our customers, collaborate with them right from idea generation to prototyping to full scale implementation.