About Us

A passionate community of experts

Every second’s people across continents consume the content prepared, managed or streamed by Skandha Media Services.

As a strategic partner, we enable our clients in re-defining the way the content is created, presented and consumed by the end-users. Our key strategy is around the democratization of technology, multi-cloud, hyper-automation & practical use of latest the technology available that could be efficiently applied to various business needs.

Our suite of media-focused cloud solutions revolutionise workflows, tighten data security, reduce costs and allow teams to function from anywhere, at any time.

Who We Are

A passionate community of experts

When we offer our services, our customers trust us with their toughest challenges. We reward that trust by pushing ourselves, across every function in the organization to find solutions that can’t be found anywhere else. By setting the bar high, we achieve the impossible.

We invest in the right people to deliver better answers

Leading the industry with revolutionary technology means having deep trust in who’s at the helm. For us, that can only mean working with the most innovative mind in the world. Together, we make 100% of your relevant data & contents reality.

Our Value

We know that aligning & achieving our vision means having the courage to think big, so we empower our ”associates” to aim high—developing their ideas, always guided by long-held values and a clear vision for building a progressive environment. We strive to do the right thing in every thinking & decision we make—a difference you can see in both what we do and in the way we do it. We at Skandha, collaboration and courage to “think different” are the keys to creating innovations that improve the experience and create a more sustainable, and progressive future.