Revolutionising Broadcasting

Our Live Stream Monetization platform enables broadcasters to effectively create, trigger, monitor, measure, and record content during big-ticket high-profile events. We cater to a diverse international audience, leveraging global infrastructure to deliver top-notch broadcasting solutions and foster global content creation. With our platform, you can seamlessly monetize your content, engage a vast audience, and deliver high-quality streaming services, including OTT services, while enjoying a seamless cloud payout system.

Live Pro – Streaming Excellence

Blue Live Pro, an in-house product we’ve developed at Skandha, covers playout functionalities, allowing our partners to pay per model of the services required. This software boasts a user-friendly UI, simplifying the process for deploying a wide range of services, including Playlist Management, Advertisement Insertion, Input and Output Preview, Live Input Switching, and Graphic Management.

Content Aggregation – Bridging Audiences

Content aggregation involves several key steps. First, we need to understand what our partners need, ensuring optimal fan engagement. Then, we figure out how many live feeds we’ll be getting and how we’re going to share them, enhancing content delivery to a vast global fanbase. This includes managing live sources and performing necessary work before and after receiving the content. .

Operational Process – Efficiency Unleashed

The operational process and workflow begin well in advance of the project going live, ensuring optimal efficiency. This involves figuring out what needs to be done both from our side and our partner’s side. We also work on testing and making the workflow smooth, embracing a process-focused approach to ensure efficient supply and reach.

Ad Server Integration – Maximising Monetization

When we integrate the ad server with Advanced SCTE, it’s not just about basic ad insertion. It allows our customers to track every single element that’s triggered, helping them monetize their content and get the most out of their investments.