Cloud Media Production

Skandha’s Cloud Media solutions help studios, producers, editors, animators, game designers and visual effects artists access the power of Cloud Computing Infrastructure efficiently. Working with Skandha, studios can harness the power of cloud infrastructure like AWS, Azure & Google to grow their business and make technology less burdensome.

Skandha’s Media & Entertainment solutions create a fully functioning & operationally well-managed cloud environment to achieve some of the following use-case:

  • Peak workload. High Performance, short & last-moment compute & streaming capacity.
  • Special Projects. Provision on-demand Media resources from the cloud
  • Unpredictable workloads. Provision from one to hundreds of Edit-stations or multiples of rendering cores in minutes, not days or weeks.
  • Flexibility. Access securely projects & content from studio, client site or location.
  • Multi-tenancy. Cloud computing makes it easy to always keep client content segregated and secure.
  • All-in-cloud. Work products never leave the cloud until they are ready for delivery.

Cloud Media Usecase


Use inexpensive “zero clients” on-premises to connect to powerful virtual workstations on Cloud.


Virtual render farms in Cloud free your team from the tyranny of on-premises hardware. No longer limited by purchased or leased hardware, customer can access thousands of latest processor cores and GPUs to render large and complex scenes in hours.


Remote production service from Skandha include solution around control of remote camera input via. Skandha R-Eye solution which enables the remote production team to control the Multi-Camera inputs switcher, Multi-viewer for producer via. Low-latency network & final encoded output reception for delivery.

The solution is ideal for any production that occurs outside customer studio facility & includes:

  • Sports events
  • Parades
  • Concerts
  • Award shows
  • Telethons
  • Talk or variety shows that are "on the road"