Cloud Metadata Manager

Dynamic Digital Asset Management

The constantly budding process of interacting with customers across multiple devices and channels is making it extremely cumbersome to capture the attention of consumers and convert interactions to engage.

Creativity, marketing, and development teams need a unified approach to manage the entire asset lifecycle, from creation to consumption for Customer mindshare.

The traditional approach of developing content for yesterday’s needs—with content silos, inefficient workflows, and inability to scale—is simply not adequate.

Glance MCUBE (M3)

Multiple teams use multiple digital asset management, disconnects invariably occur and no proper hand over the results in discrepancies, inadequacies and increases cost.

“Bring some method to the MADNESS” by ensuring that the asset has a single consortium at any stage of their life cycle—from creation, search, and sharing to manipulation and distribution across all customer touchpoints.

Collaboration is the Key

Enable internal and external teams to seamlessly collaborate and work together as assets flow through their lifecycle across different functions.

Faster content Delivery. Minimise time to market, Increase Customer Stickiness.

Restructure and automate workflows: from metadata management to AI-based tagging, search, and manipulate to publishing and responsive delivery across devices.

Search, Share & Store

Effective Search retains customers, Faster delivery helps in Customer Satisfaction Index. These two aspects help in augmenting the customer database. Scalability again becomes one of the key factors for Customer Satisfaction Index. For acquisition of more customers these three parameters run in a very cyclic fashion, “Cloud Based MAM” becomes the key factor.

Drive customer engagement and increase conversions by automatically delivering highly performing, rich visual experiences across multiple channels with no interventions.

Plug & Play is still the buss word and is still effective

Manage your assets through an interactive interface, or through custom widgets that can be embedded into your existing systems, or with extensible APIs

Access your media library from within other applications, such as your CMS, or through RESTful APIs.

Leverage built-in integrations or use extensible APIs and webhooks to easily integrate with other upstream and downstream applications in your tech stack, enabling a seamlessly connected asset lifecycle.