Cloud Playout & IP-Broadcasting

Dynamically Publish, Playout & Monetize video content

IP Broadcasting Solution

Skandhas video IP Broadcasting solution addresses the media industry’s biggest challenges, making it possible for organizations to customize and extend their reach, increase their production speed and reduce operational costs.

A key feature of the platform is its delivery architecture and network-aware protocol that dynamically adjusts to varying network conditions and employs hit less techniques for lossless content delivery over IP.

This dynamic mechanism provides content transporting over IP, removes jitter, recovers and re-orders packets, smooth video delivery and regenerates video in its original form, all in real-time.

The Platform delivers outstanding performance at low, predictable latency, superior reliability, no packet loss, and broadcast-grade video quality (SD, HD, and UHD) with no trade-offs in video or audio delay, resolution, black frames or glitches.

It also overcomes the network conditions inherent in the public Internet where the number of network errors, packet loss, jitter and out-of-order packets fluctuates second-by-second has been addressed by the hitless failover architecture.

The platform enabled live content to be ingested and distributed globally anywhere there is an IP connection, and allow for the ingest of high bit rate streams from event venues to be transcoded for multiscreen and CDN delivery in one step.

Cloud Playout Platform

Skandha Media Services through its agile & flexible cloud playout platform, enables high- quality video content to be seamlessly delivered as Linear Channel. It allows the content owners, producers & distributors monetize the content through customized delivery as 24x7 linear channel OR Targeted Linear delivery.

The Cloud enabled playout solution also allow the content owner to further monetize through region & operator specific delivery of channel which could be a “POP-UP” or an Interactive Red-button enabled specialized channel.

Skandha Cloud enabled Playout solution is also customized for specific use case’s like for Live Sports Operation. The solution enable’s customer with various monetization option’s including like Live-Spot Insertion, Live-SCTE insertion, SCTE-Segmentation descriptor for each Adv. Inventory tracking, L-band & Aston-band with SCTE-segmentation descriptor & Other custom functions. The platform is customizable to include specific Adv detection and automation requirement to identify breaks and insert the custom break points.

One of the key advantage the solution offers, is the customized delivery option over unmanaged Internet Infrastructure including Cloud.

Key Characteristics of Playout Solution offered Key features

  • IP-based, virtualized & cloud ready playout
  • Flexible & customized deployment across different region
  • Automation-driven playout management Customized Playout for Adv operation requirement
  • Deploy for specific Events & 24x7 playout
  • Remote Schedule Playlist creation
  • Custom Graphics & Branding
  • Automated SCTE detection and Spot replacement
  • 99.99% SLA and 24x7 support
  • Customized GUI/Automation for Live-Sports Adv. Operations
  • Cloud DR enablement
  • Fully Managed Service Offering


  • Virtualized & cloud enabled solution designed for both SDI and IP ingest and output.
  • End-to-end, fully outsourced linear playout services for all types of channels including pre- recorded/delayed channel with SCTE replacement.
  • The Playout platform being cloud-enabled allows the operator full versatility to ingest all industry preferred format for audio, video, subtitles and other auxiliary contents including via. HD/3G-SDI interface.
  • Adds a video-specific quality-of-service layer over standard IP transport, enabling uninterrupted, high-quality delivery
  • Secure your live video using industry-standard encryption, and only share content with authorized stakeholders giving control over content distribution
  • Optimizing your cost based on pay per use model