Cloud Resource Manager

Skandha Cloud Resource Manager is designed to help Cloud Transformed M&E customers to easily see, manage, automate, and govern all your services and activities across all multi-cloud including servers, media services, media infrastructure & storage from one console.

With the SAAS enabled software, you’ll see everything you have – public and private clouds and virtual and bare-metal servers in one consolidated view.

The Cloud Resource Manager solution allows the customer to discover cloud resources, helping find and manage workloads that are already running. Customers can use universal tags the key resources by projects Or event type that allows to keep customer’s cloud infrastructure organized and that sync with native cloud tags.

The system being available as both SAAS and Private deployment model stays up and running to monitor workloads and provide alerts and escalations as well as notification policies, SLAs, and automated recovery actions.

Some of the key highlights include service automation for repetitive processes, auto-scaling to ensure applications or Events respond to any load without over-provisioning, scripting and patching to keep your workloads up-to-date and respond to operational changes.

The overall solution is designed for the highest level of security that allows secured multi-cloud access controls, centralized user permissions, asset management and versioning, standardized configurations, and audit trails.

Core features

  • Single console for multi-cloud media asset management Media Service, Compute, storage, and network views
  • Resource discovery.
  • Extensible monitoring & management solution.
  • Automation & Scheduling function.
  • Grouping of the resource based on Event, Process or Business Vertical for ease & secure management.
  • User access management including Admin, Operator & Configuration.