Beyond Media & Entertainment

Apart from our above-mentioned services, we have other capabilities with which we help our clients beyond the media and entertainment sector. These too can be picked up and combined to create a customized package of services tailored to meet your specific needs.

Architecture & Design Solutions – Crafting User-Centric Experiences

We offer comprehensive UI/UX design solutions for mobile apps and websites, encompassing the entire development cycle, from conception to ensuring apps and websites are accessible on app stores and mobile browsers. With DevOps integration, we foster collaboration between software and IT teams, while our Test Automation practices automate testing within the DevOps process. These transformative solutions streamline your digital presence and enhance user engagement across platforms.

Video Engineering – Elevating Content Production

Our team of experts is entrusted with the responsibility of setting up, maintaining, and operating the infrastructure that captures, produces, and delivers live or VOD content. This includes an array of ancillary services, such as multiple audio tracks, metadata, EPG, and ID tags, among others. We take pride in facilitating seamless content creation and delivery, ensuring your global audience can enjoy a superior streaming experience. We also specialise in managing large-scale live events and delivering high-quality sports broadcasts.

Multi-Cloud Services – Transforming Content Delivery

Through our cutting-edge cloud transformation services, we empower organisations to meet the demands of delivering high-quality content while addressing challenges associated with Multi zone, ulti Region and Multi cloud services.

Cloud Migration: Our approach facilitates cost-efficient solutions, reducing expenses in development, infrastructure, and maintenance while enabling component reuse. We optimise global infrastructure and enhance content delivery strategies.

Cloud Media Production: We grant access to the benefits of cloud computing infrastructure, seamlessly integrating technology from providers like AWS, OCI, and Google. This empowers studios, producers, editors, animators, game designers, and visual effects artists to work with unparalleled efficiency. We specialise in global content creation.

Cloud Playout & IP Broadcasting: Our video IP Broadcasting solution offers customizable, expansive reach, increased production speed, and reduced operational costs, revolutionising the media industry. We are experts in broadcasting solutions.

Cloud Metadata Manager: We streamline and automate metadata workflows, harnessing AI-based tagging for efficient content searching, manipulation, publication, and delivery across a multitude of devices. Our solutions prioritise content management and fan engagement.

Cloud Media Resource Manager: Our comprehensive Cloud Resource Manager simplifies the management and automation of services and activities across multi-cloud environments. From servers to media services and infrastructure, we ensure seamless coordination and control, all from a single console. We specialise in audience reach and monetization.

By integrating these versatile solutions, we help you navigate the complexities of the modern digital landscape, unlocking new possibilities for growth, monetization, and audience engagement in the ever-evolving OTT services landscape.


Managed Content Delivery Service for Production, Playout Service & Content Operators. The solution includes various mechanism to deliver the content reliably using both Managed & Unmanaged Network

  • Internet Delivery using secure and reliance delivery solution
  • Media Connect over Fiber Network
  • Media Connect over a NLD/ILD network
  • Remote Encoding for both High-res and Low-res/Proxy delivery