Managed Digital Infrastructure

Next-Generation Digital Broadcast & Internet Infrastructure designed for the highest quality processing & delivery of content. The infrastructure includes end-to-end Digital Headend facility that includes Satellite & IP Downlink, IRDs, Transcoding, Origin/DVR & Multi-CDN Setup built using state-of-the-art infrastructure & OEM partnership.

The Video Infrastructure is build as a perfect platform for linear broadcasting, mobile, cloud or OTT services, the technology infrastructure, can scale and be configured to meet any specific requirements. Skandha offer best-of-breed solution & include end-to-end service chain, including Live/VOD encoding, transcoding, DVR and Cloud/Teleport/Social Media distribution.

Colocation Facility

Skandha offer multi-geo distributed co-lo facility to host the customers media infrastructure with Skandha as part of the Outsourcing Strategy. The co-location facility offered, include’s various managed facilities that are strategically located closer to Cloud & CDN Service providers for peering & Hybrid Facility integration. The facility offered is through various top-tier real-estate datacenter partnership across globe.

Below are some of the key services offered:

  • Signal acquisition Facility (IP/DVB/Fibre).
  • End-to-End workflow automation for live and file media
  • Content Security management
  • Telco Grade facility as DR &/OR Offshore Setup
  • Highest Quality standard & Future Technology readiness
  • Best of Infrastructure & Network Peering arrangement
  • Broadcast Channel Delivery - Broadcaster to Operators
  • Technical Support Desk Management
  • 24/7 Digital Operation Setup


Managed Digital facility for hosting media infrastructure for various services including:

  • Playout
  • Live Transcoding & CDN Uplink
  • Origin & DVR facility
  • Hybrid On-prem & Cloud infrastructure enablement
  • Direct Cloud Connect for Storage & Cloud resource management


Skandha Live event services offers reliable Capture, Transcode & Delivery of service to various platforms, including Broadcast, Social Media, Digital Service Operators & OTT Providers.

  • Event Streaming
  • Live Event Integration
  • Live to VOD
  • Highlight creation
  • Platform Distribution


Managed Content Delivery Service for Production, Playout Service & Content Operators. The solution includes various mechanism to deliver the content reliably using both Managed & Unmanaged Network

  • Internet Delivery using secure and reliance delivery solution
  • Media Connect over Fiber Network
  • Media Connect over a NLD/ILD network
  • Remote Encoding for both High-res and Low-res/Proxy delivery